Flying Sites

Academy of Model Aeronautics membership is mandatory for all pilots.

Currently the IRKS's have three flying sites, Space Coast Aeromodeling Park at the 524 Landfill, Valkaria Airport, and our Future site on State Road 192.

 Space Coast Aeromodeling Park

Est. October 1, 2006

Hours of Operations - 7:30 AM to 8:00 PM or Dusk whichever occurs first.

Space Coast Aeromodeling Park is located on the south side of the Central Disposal Facility at 2250 Adamson Road, Cocoa, Fl, which is located on the north side of SR524. Take I-95 to Exit 202. Go west 1.2 miles and turn Right on Adamson Road. Go 2.2 miles and turn Left into the Central Disposal Facility. Go 0.4 miles and turn left. Follow the road around to the south side (0.8 miles) and enter the field. GPS coordinates are N28d23m27s x W80d50m12s.

We have moved to new runway which now provides us with an outstanding multi-use facility unlike any other in the south. The facility now provide us with a safe environment to operate gliders,properly hold large events, pylon races and Control line flying. Highlights of our new setup are:

 Access to the facility will be available only to current paid up club members and escorted guest. 

        The landfill's normal operating hours are 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM, Monday through Saturday and closed on Sundays.

        Our authorized hours of operations is from 7:30 AM to 8:00 PM or Dusk whichever occurs first.

        We may use the field every day of the week, even when they are normally closed. Please use the procedures below for entry and exit.

Landfill Entry and Exit Procedures: (Effective 2 June 2014)


1. All IRKS members and guests must sign-in when entering the facility. This includes pilots, non-pilots, family, friends, spectators, and other visitors.

2. All Non-IRKS members/guests must be escorted in by an IRKS member.
3. Enter ONLY at the main gate (south gate) where the scales are and the garbage trucks enter.
4. Enter on the right hand side of the scale house, on the scales, as all other traffic. Do Not cut across the outgoing traffic and park in the parking lot.
5. Show the facility staff your IRKS membership card. One of the facility staff will verify that that your club card is a current year IRKS membership card.
6. Take a numbered Solid Waste Temporary Parking Pass hang tag and hang it on your rear-view mirror, so that it will be visible to landfill personnel.
7. Properly fill out the Sign-In sheet on the clip board making sure you record the hang tag number and your Cell phone number on the form.
8. If you will be entering during closed hours, you may call landfill security ahead of time @ (407) 820-7319 to let them know when you expect to arrive.


1. Exit at the scale house entrance.

2. Pull up to the right side of the scale house to the outgoing window. Do not park in the parking lot and walk in.

3. The scale house personnel will sign you out. Everyone must sign out.

4. Turn in the Solid Waste Temporary Parking Pass hang tag. The Parking Pass is county property and you may not keep them.

5. While the landfill is closed, the security guards make hourly inspections of the facility. If he is not there when you go to exit please be patient. He will be back shortly.

6. If leaving while the landfill is closed, you may call security @ (407) 820-7319 to let them know you would like to exit.

These procedures are subject to change, so please review the website often for updates!!!

Flying Site closures due to excessive rain

Due to the design of the drainage system at the 524 flying site, if we get a lot of rain for multiple days we can be in a situation where we have to close the field due to standing water. In the future we will use the following guide lines to close the field should this happen again.

Phil Veatch has volunteered to be the point of contact and judge for the condition of the field. If we should have standing water on the field and Phil determines that it would be in the club’s best interest to close the field then the field will be closed. Phil will notify the club officers and other members by email. He will also notify the scale house so that anyone not getting the message will be turned away at the gate. Phil will continue to report the field status until it dries enough for us to resume flying. If you are not sure if the field is open or closed after a lot of rain and you have not received an email, you can contact any of the club’s officers or the 524 scale house at 633-1892. We will also have signs made to be posted at the field and gate.


Valkaria Airport

The Valkaria Airport flying site is restricted to very experienced pilots due to the area layout on the airport and turbulence problems. This is a gated site and is not open to the public. Once you join the club you may request to be checked out to fly there by one of our Valkaria members.


Future 192 Flying Site

Field Status: Closed. Development Suspended

Important Notice - The county commissioners have suspended all development and operations at the 192 site while test and studies are conducted for the New 192 landfill. This process may take several years. Solid Waste Management has given us a temporary site at the 524 landfill until the process is completed. 

The new field is located on the north side of SR192, 8.2 miles west of I-95, Exit 180 and 0.4 miles to the next gate on your left. GPS coordinates are N28d05m47s x W80d50m18s. This is a gated site and is currently not open to the public. 

Plans are to put in a 65' x 700' paved runway plus facilities in the very near future.